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Peanut Butter and Jelly? WoD and CofD

  • Use CofD elements to alter your WoD
  • Lore
  • Splats
  • Political factions
  • Powers
  • Monsters and antagonists

Translation guides are our friends

Which Engine? Choose your ruleset

Storyteller or Storytelling? Both have merits. For most game lines there are Translation guides.

CofD is built off the personal horror of mortals and ghosts, providing a good base line for a degree of balance.

Ultimately use what you prefer.

Requiem for the Masquerade

  • Diversify the politics - use Requiem Covenants are subfactions to Camarilla, Sabbat and Anarchs

  • Diversify the powers - Introduce Requiem Blood Magic as a form not tied to one single clan

  • Diversify the clans - replace/remove/add entire new clans and bloodlines

  • Suggestions from Revised Storytellers Handbook - Requiem just gives us more options

Covenants and Conspiracies

  • Circle of the Crone - collection of paganistic cults

  • Cruac - blood magic not tied to a singular clan

  • Cults can be neo-pagan or older - can be suggestive of other vampire origin myths

  • A great non-clan blood magic faction to work against the Tremere and Giovanni

Covenants and Conspiracies

  • Lancea Sanctum - collection of creeds that reconcile vampires with God - they are the wolves of God

  • Gives a new religious angle on Caine

  • Creeds could transcend the Camarilla and Sabbat

  • Theban Sorcery - again another form of Blood Magic

  • The True Black Hand could be a creed that uses Theban Sorcery

  • Islamic vampires are also covered by a creed.

Covenants and Conspiracies

  • Ordo Dracul - various philosophical schools

  • They want to transcend their banes through alchemy and sciences

  • A bit like the Tremere but not clan specific

  • Schools could fit either Camarilla or Sabbat

  • Coils are not blood magic nor a discipline

Hot Take: Vampire Evolution Theory

  • Vampire: the Requiem clan origins are unknown. Even the "young" Clan Ventrue is shrouded in mystery.

  • At least two clanless vampires existed - not embraced by a vampire. They did not create their own clans.

  • Vampires are "dead souls" inhabiting a body.

  • Clanbooks hint that vampires may have non-unified origins. One clan may not have even been human.

Hot Take: Vampire Evolution Theory

  • Caine is a problem - let's get rid of him!

  • More origin options without Caine.

  • Provides more options to link Vampire: the Masquerade to Kindred of the East and Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom.

Hot Take: Vampire Evolution Theory

  • One World of Darkness already has a unifying undead mechanism: The Risen!

  • Risen are Wraiths that have, through Arcanoi, returned to their body.

  • Risen can learn Disciplines (fueled by pathos) if taught by a Vampire. That's odd.

  • Kuei-Jin are specifically classified as Risen.

  • Laibon are 95% the same as western Kindred anyway.

Hot Take: Vampire Evolution Theory

Hot Take: Vampire Evolution Theory

Other Origin Ideas:

  • Ventrue Usurper Clan

  • Nosferatu from Neanderthals

  • Origins Outside Europe

  • Spirit World Origins

Forsaking the Apocalypse

  • Forsaken tribes are not ethnic stereotypes - make Apocalypse tribes more focused Lodges.

  • Use the God Machine Chronicles "Infrastructure" for how Werewolves interface with Weaver/Wyld/Wyrm.

  • Introduce the Father Wolf Mythos and merge it with Wyrm.

  • The Pure offer antagonistic - but not outright evil - werewolves.

  • Blood of the Wolf is an awesome book for werewolf biology issues!

  • Again the translation guide is a vault of ideas!

Forsaking the Apocalypse

  • The God Machine is a manifestation of the Weaver.

  • The techgnostic angels of the God Machine are spirits of machine and control.

  • Infrastructure channels essence to an Occult Matrix.

  • The Apocalypse has made these infrastructure more aggresive and merging spirit with matter and man with machine.

Forsaking the Apocalypse

  • The Idigam carry the rage memory of Father Wolf

  • The Wyrm uses Infrastructure to bring the Idigam into the world

  • The essence brings more and more of the Hungry Wolf/Wyrm into the world

  • The Apocalypse has been brought on by more Idigam coming into the world.

Forsaking the Apocalypse

  • Forsaken introduces 2 new forms of renown - Cunning and Purity.

  • Purity only makes sense if we make use of Forsaken's "Humanity" trait - Harmony.

  • Harmony is a scale of how a werewolf balances man and spirit.

  • Harmony gives us a way to weigh the cost of a werewolf's actions.

Awakening the Ascension to the Thrones of Reality

  • Surprise surprise - replace the Traditions with the Pentacle Orders.

  • Make the Traditions in Legacies.

  • Use the Awakening magic system - more examples, better tested, more integrated with other gamelines.

  • No Free Council - They are the Technocracy!

  • Technocracy Conventions become Legacies too then!

  • Both factions use the Path system.

Is that all though?!

The Ascension War was a Lie!

Mage has multiple levels of game play

  • Street level

  • Ascension War - Taditions vs Technocracy

  • The Lie - The True Battle for Reality

  • The Ascension War is all a diversion of the Seers of the Throne!

  • Seers of the Throne and their Ministeries infiltrated both sides.

  • Consensual Reality is just a cage controlled by the Seers.

War Against the Seers

Changes to the Metaphysics

  • Mages before the revelation of the Lie can do magic but Paradox is due to Consensual Reality/The Cage

  • The God Machine is the engine of the Cage

  • The revelation of the Lie make mages free of one Paradox but at the mercy of the Abyss - Paradox changes in nature

The Reality Engine

The God Machine as a tool of the Seer means:

  • Perfect for bringing in Demon the Descent for more fodder - Angels that defend reality

  • Potential for both Technocrats and Tradition Mages to work together against the Seers - plus Demon allies

  • Technocrats would realise that technology is the magic of the cage and of the God Machine

Information War

The God Machine as a tool of the Seer means:

  • Autochthonia is just a dupe to control Iteration X

  • The Digital Web infact taps into the occult matrix of information of the God Machine

  • Technocrats would realise that technology is the magic of the cage and of the God Machine


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